Karim Investment Company & the Energy Sector

The energy sector and its related fields including infrastructure development, transportation and exports is a key and very attractive area of activity for Karim Investment Company.

Global studies and statistics show that the world will continue to be highly dependent on fossil fuels such as oil and gas for the next two decades. Of course,  natural gas, among existing fossil fuels, will be more important than crude oil due to its lower environmental impact and its significant role in electricity generation. According to the statistics given by the International Energy Agency, it is predicted that an increase in global demand for gas, although gradual, will continue until 2035.

Also, alongside fossil fuels, utilization of renewable energy resources and investment in clean energies is on the rise.

Security concerns in Eastern Europe and the extensive global sanctions against Russia have both increased the demand for oil and gas from oil-rich countries of the Middle East as well as doubled the need for investment and rate of development in the clean energy sector.

Having understood the present status of energy markets and followed the trends governing the future of the energy sector, Karim Investment Company is focusing on investing and expanding its activities in the “clean energy sector, transportation and oil & gas exports”.

Undoubtedly, the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors, as the economic engine of MENA countries, will maintain their attraction and high potential for investment and exports. So, the presence of investment companies in the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors is undeniable for the Middle East and North Africa regions, which according to the demands of the local economies, can have mutual benefits for both the investment companies and local governments.

In addition, the Mena region has great potential in the areas of development and production of renewable and clean energies.

Perhaps, for the development of renewable energies, the key factor in the Middle East and North Africa is the presence of vast, arid desert areas that can be used for the all-year-round generation of solar energy.

Of course, the Mena region offers wind, ocean and marine energy sectors with high potential and by utilizing the capabilities of knowledge-based companies there will also be great benefits to be gained.

Karim Investment Company, as a significant investor in the energy sector, in addition to its inclination to invest in clean energies and cooperate with knowledge-based companies in this area, is extensively active in energy and fossil fuel exports.

Considering the current potential of energy markets and the urgent demand for oil and gas by global markets, the company has directed nearly 80% of its funding to fossil fuels, their transportation and exports.

The great scope and capacity of the company in the areas of maritime logistics and land transportation, as well as its large volume of financial securities, have allowed the holding an exceptional opportunity to export oil and gas and related products from the MENA region to global markets. Currently, we have become extensively and seriously active in the energy sector with the opening of our representative offices in Karachi, Pakistan, Chabahar (Iran), Istanbul (Turkey) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Successful cooperation and partnership with other companies active in the sectors above, as well as investment in knowledge-based companies  is one of the chief goals and interests of our holding.

In addition, the holding has taken broad strides in the field of clean and renewable energies by allocating 20% ​​of its funding volume to this sector, showing serious dedication to the cause.

The newly established “Kangoro” brand, is one of the newest subsidiaries of the holding and will operate in a specialized capacity in the field of green transportation and renewable energies.

Kangoro’s goals include creating the necessary infrastructure for the expansion of green transportation in MENA countries and to cooperate with other companies active in the sector.

Therefore, Karim Investment Company has expanded its activities in both the renewable energy and fossil fuel sectors, which includes the transportation and export of oil, gas and related products. Of course, to advance our goals partnership with companies active in the energy sector as well as support and cooperation with knowledge-based companies will be one of our major principles.

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