Our Values

Our Values

The staff and the people immediate involved with our activities, making the major efforts and pushing forward our business activities, are our valued operating platform and will always be respected and taken into consideration.

Profit, for all commercial ventures, is like inhaling oxygen and if a business is not profitable it will die of asphyxiation. But if we believe that breathing- i.e. making profit, by itself is enough to push forward, without having a happy business culture, we are very wrong. Big ventures must have multiple goals and targets, economic viability being one of them in line with the basic values: the well-being and development of human resources and the immediate environment.


We believe that any progress, advancement and innovation that is created through company activities will be the product of creativity and tireless efforts of the workforce. Also, any kind of acceptance and satisfaction gained in the regional and world markets will undoubtedly be the product of respect given to our business partners and customers, observing ethical principles and adhering to our social responsibility towards the society. Therefore, Karim Investment Holding will continuously rely on values such as trust and cooperation, respect and loyalty, progress and innovation, social and environmental responsibility and related risks in making policies, setting goals and moving towards its objectives.

Values KIH Represent

Trust and Cooperation:

Our trust and honest cooperation with our business partners and colleagues in various fields is one of our basic values. In addition to these qualities, we are determined to learn from all parties involved and experience further growth and development beside and together with our partners and customers. Undoubtedly, the synergy of different capabilities along with teamwork and information sharing will lead to faster problem solving and swift progress in all our activities.

Respect and Loyalty

Respect and Loyalty:

Our employees, business partners, customers and clients are our most important assets in terms of economic activities. Based on this, loyalty and respect to them will be an absolutely vital value to us as we continue on our path and expand our activities. Any sort of gap in our policy of respect and loyalty to our people and partners or removal of trust, hinders the path to progress and development and the objectives will not be realized. Therefore, respect and loyalty are of extremely high priority for us.


Progress and Innovation:

Progress and innovation in our work is a value that broadly speaking leads to several other lofty goals. On the one hand, our only way to progress in the highly innovative and dynamic global markets is to prioritize innovation, and on the other, our success in this field will strengthen the spirit of innovation and progress in the Mena region, leading to good fortune and economic prosperity of the people. In conclusion, KIH is strongly committed to peace, prosperity and tranquility originating from economic progress and innovation in business activities.

Social Responsibility:

Our social responsibility to the society in which we operate is an issue that cannot be disregarded. Our social responsibility efforts which include the training of manpower, the development of educational and health infrastructures, and helping to solve environmental issues, are prioritized in the Middle East and North Africa more than any other region. Knowing that our activities in the MENA region provide the path to development and social welfare, as a top and inspirational value, gives special meaning to our efforts.


The Environment:

The trend of global warming and the increase of environmental pollutants have forced “adherence to environmental principles” to emerge as a fundamental value. Realizing the environmental risks facing the planet and considering the global environmental accords of Paris and Glasgow, Karim Investment Holding has improved its standards to be aligned with this all-important global movement. The company’s investment in the field of renewable energy and efforts to create suitable infrastructure for the expansion of clean transportation in Mena region are part of these efforts.