Who We Are

Who We Are

Karim Investment Holding (KIH) is a leading companies in the Middle East and North Africa, active in three sectors: Energy, Supply Chain-Logistics and Futures Trading. The holding has established a fully-integrated business network to trade energy, export oil, gas and petrochemical products from the MENA region to global markets. In addition, having a large sea and land fleet has allowed us to become one of the leading global logistics and supply chain companies. But our activity is not limited to the mentioned sectors and our ambitions include involvement in futures trading, especially in the clean transportation sector and implementation of electric vehicles in the MENA region.

Karim Investment Holding was established in 2002 following the merger of several large ventures in the fields of energy, transportation, construction, manufacturing and supply of industrial parts. Since then, the unceasing efforts and activities of the management, research & development and specialist workforce have been focused in three basic areas and years of experience working in various countries in the MENA region have helped the holding to achieve huge success in the fields of energy, supply chain-logistics and technology.

Now, after 20 years of uninterrupted effort, Karim Investment Holding has become a family of more than 20,000 employees in the MENA region, including the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Undoubtedly, our work has and will play an important role in the prosperity of trade and economic development in the countries of region. Our mutual cooperation with companies and specialists in the region and the expansion of the holding’s scope of activity from Muscat to Rotterdam has created an international concept that we are proud of.

Our dreams and ambitious vision for the future, of course, go beyond the sectors where we are currently and permanently active in. Although, at present, the holding’s branches are established in Muscat, Dubai, Karachi, Chabahar, Istanbul and Rotterdam, our vision is to expand our activities to both the MENA and other important regions of the world.

We are also looking for innovative solutions as well as to leverage the potential of startups to maximize our business and activities. Of course, this is action related to our social responsibility efforts, where by supporting start-ups and using novel technologies, in addition to promoting the development of local and regional companies, help to reduce harmful environmental footprints due to our activities.