Our Story

Where and when did our story begin?

Having had years of experience working in the MENA region, the plan of action of KIH has been adjusted to focusing on areas which afford us greater advantage. Undoubtedly, the existing immense energy reserves of the Middle East and the production of over 1/3 of the global oil, gas and petrochemicals in the region will make a believer out of any investment venture. The Middle East has unique economic benefits in terms of oil, gas and related industries, so Karim Investment Holding has focused a large part of its investment and activities on trading and export of the mentioned products.


In addition, the unique geographical location of the Middle East, which places it as the connection hub to the three important continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, allows some ventures in the region to become major logistics and supply chain operators. KIH’s management and research and development team have focused and researched ‘the potential of the Mena region as a large consumer market’ and ‘the ease of access of the Middle East to important regions of the world by sea and land’. The Mena region has the most important straits and international waterways, such as the Strait of Hormuz, the Strait of Bab al-Mandab, the Suez Canal, and the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits. In addition, the important role of this region in the development of new communication routes and corridors such as the Chinese Silk Road and the North-South trade corridor is undeniable.


Therefore, the management made the decision to use the holding’s existing capacities in the field of transportation and trade as well as enter the logistics and supply chain sector. The large sea and land fleet of the company, along with the presence in the strategic areas of MENA region and Europe, has given us the possibility to become an influential logistics-supply chain player in MENA region and the world. Currently, our sea and rail fleet has expanded as a wide network from the Middle East to North Africa and Europe, providing many goods and services to our world-wide customer base.


But another field of activity on the agenda of Karim Investment Holding management in recent years is investing in the new technologies sector and positively impacting the future of the world. Karim Investment Holding has planned for investment in clean transportation and renewable energies having understood the future development potential of the sector, to be loyal to its social responsibilities in terms of the environment and also taking into account the prospect of the region in its development goals. Our newly established brand, “Kongoro”, intends to advance this important outlook by creating the necessary infrastructure for the development of clean transportation and the use of electric vehicles in the Mena region.