Global studies and statistics show that in the next two decades the world must provide a significant part of its energy through investment in clean fuels in order to avoid widespread environmental risks. The trend of general global warming and widespread environmental pollution in all areas has prompted environmental activists and international institutions to issue serious warnings about the disastrous consequences of this trend. The Paris Climate Conference in 2015, the Glasgow Climate Summit in 2021 and the Annual Stockholm Climate Conference have been among the most important global efforts to reduce pollutants and prevent global warming and prove the looming dangers.



The thinning of the ozone layer, the melting of the polar ice caps, the disruption of weather cycles, the extinction of plant and animal species, the rise of the coastal water level, the heavy pollution existing in big cities and the resulting deaths are only part of the unfortunate environmental consequence that the world will face. So, if there is no change in the proliferation of environmental pollution and the global warming process in the near future, the most important human asset- that is, the planet’s ecosystem- will be endangered and man will face a fundamental disaster.


By understanding the environmental situation and following the trends governing the future of energy markets, Karim Investment Holding has focused a significant part of its 2030 vision towards investing in clean energy and clean transportation.

This strategy is based on both moral and rational foundations, considering the growing market of electric cars and clean transportation in the region, as well as the great capacity of the Mena region in the development and generation of renewable energy. In this way, our investment in clean transportation and renewable energies, in addition to being in line with our social responsibility and moral mission, also has significant benefits for us in terms of productivity and profit.


Perhaps, for the development of renewable energy, the key factor in the Middle East and North Africa is the existence of vast, arid desert areas that can be used for the all-year-round generation of solar energy. Of course, the Mena region offers wind, ocean and marine energy sectors with high potential and by utilizing the capabilities of knowledge-based companies there will also be great benefits to be gained.

Successful cooperation and partnership with other ventures active in the sectors above, as well as investment in knowledge-based companies is one of the chief goals and objectives of our holding.