Saudi Energy Ministry grants first license for LPG cylinder vending machines

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is making significant strides toward realizing its objectives in the distribution system for dry gas and liquefied petroleum gas for residential and commercial applications, propelled by the Ministry of Energy.     

The ministry granted the inaugural license within the Kingdom for the vending machine-based sale of LPG cylinders, reported the Saudi Press Agency.      


This development underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and convenience in its energy distribution efforts.    

This move also comes amid the ministry’s endeavors to open up competition, abolish the monopoly related to LPG activities and raise the level of services.   

It ensures the availability and security of gas supplies, enhancing the efficiency of those licensed to provide these services and raising the standards applied to this vital service. 

Additionally, this step will propel technology localization and protect consumers’ interests in this service. 

This development also coincides with the ministry’s efforts to encourage investment in LPG activities as it began receiving qualification requests in these activities from companies wishing to invest in transporting the gas. 

It aligns well with the ministry’s efforts in establishing and operating filling and storage facilities and distributing LPG in bulk to enhance its role in supporting opportunities for economic growth and development in line with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030. 


The vending machines for LPG cylinders will be available at gas stations and large retail markets, providing consumers with ancillary services throughout the day, including purchasing new gas cylinders, replacing them with empty ones and purchasing cylinder accessories such as regulators and others.   

Furthermore, to facilitate the process even more for consumers, the machines are designed to be ready to be linked with smartphone applications. 

The ministry’s vision is to lead energizing the Kingdom towards sustainable growth and to become the critical energy developer in the Middle East and Africa region. 

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