Our Strategy

What is our strategy based on?

Foresight and defining our short-term and long-term strategies will allow KIH to become a major player in the constantly changing and dynamic landscape of the global economy and we have to become a trendsetter and definer of strategies relevant to the future of global markets to stay in the game.

KIH intends to develop a regular and comprehensive strategy advantageous to the holding and bring together all activities in a specific framework in order to achieve the company’s long-term goals.

In 2020, Karim Investment Holding created two strategies for itself- medium-term (2025) and long-term (2030).


In the 5-year outlook (until 2025), the company’s goal is to become a prominent holding in the MENA region in the energy, supply chain-logistics and futures businesses sectors. This means utilizing all the available capacities in the markets of the MENA region and in addition exporting oil, gas and petrochemical products of the region to global markets. We have also made great strides in the field of supply chain, logistics and new technologies.


Using the technical knowledge of our experts and cooperating with others in the region will be one of our main priorities in achieving this goal. Also, cooperation with knowledge-based companies and investing in their innovative ideas is another key strategy of the holding. We believe that if we want to be successful in competing with other rivals and achieve our goals, use of creative ideas and investing in technological start-ups will be the key to reaching our goals.


However, Karim Investment Holding’s 2030 strategy is a very ambitious plan that has been formulated with the aim of the company’s ambitions in the global arena. We believe that due to the unique capacities of the Mena region in the energy sector as well as its unique geographical location, connecting the major regions of the world in the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, the larger institutions of this region in the field of energy, logistics and supply chain will inevitably have an international and global nature.


In the future world, the intertwining of the global economy will be much greater and the complex interdependence between the important regions of the world will increase. Also, the global competition for optimal and cost-effective access to various resources will be considered as the main priority of the world’s largest ventures. Therefore, Karim Investment Holding, as a leader and huge corporation in the field of energy, supply chain-logistics and new technologies, with its a high capacity and capabilities will play a significant role in global markets.


To get ahead, KIH has prepared itself to play a significant role in international markets and compete globally. We predict that the creation of new routes such as the “One Road, One Belt “, “North-South Corridor” Initiatives and “the Corridor connecting Central Asia to the Sea of ​​Oman” will further improve our strategic position to access global markets. We believe that the Middle East and North Africa are naturally considered when discussing the global outlook, and Karim Investment Holding, as a company benefiting from the natural advantages of the MENA region, plans to assume its global role in this regard. Our vision is that after the MENA region, our field of activities will expand to East Africa & South Asia which will pave our way to the markets of Asia, Europe and Africa.