Start Ups

Start Ups

Corporate social responsibility is a concept very crucial in the field of human resources training and sustainable economic development. Of course, industrial ventures promote an important part of sustainable development with their innovative activities, but the case of start-ups, in addition to economic development, is fundamentally linked to human resource training and social dynamics.


Start-ups are formed based on innovation and provide a knowledge-based products in specialized fields, which in many cases have an added value far beyond the initial costs. Startups play an absolutely fundamental role in the all-round development of future societies for many reasons (being low-cost, technological, creative, small, specialized, flexible, etc.).

Undoubtedly, the support of industrial ventures for start-ups and investment in them can lead to more productivity, double profitability, while creating a suitable platform for the growth & development of human resources as well as sustainable development of the immediate communities related to the venture.


Paying special attention to knowledge-based companies and investing in their innovation is a very important part of the Holding’s 2025 strategy. At present, KIH is considered as the main investor in the Metashar knowledge-based company, which uses VR glasses to create, build and develop virtual reality projects. This technology will play a fundamental role in our communication with customers and business partners and by using VR glasses will be able to connect people remotely with our areas of activity such as logistics-supply chain and clean transportation transparently and clearly.


Undoubtedly, the growing need for participation of knowledge-based companies can also be seen in our fields of activity, especially in the field of future technologies, which includes clean transportation and renewable energies, a suitable platform for mutual cooperation.

Therefore, Karim Investment Holding welcomes knowledge-based companies with open arms and has made cooperation and investment in their innovations one of its base priorities.